01 Get H&M Soho to pilot a program to stop using plastic bags
02 Get Whole Foods Soho to adopt plastic-free packaging from all vendors
03 Get 10 local bodegas to switch from plastic bags to BYObag or no landfill options
04 Develop a compost program at 195 Chrystie Street
05 Work with MKG, Mother and MKTG to make an experiential commitment to adopt sustainability production kit for all client projects
06 Get TD Bank to stop sending paper reports in plastic wrap at large
07 Get Whole Foods Lower East Side to start composting onsite
08 Launch a Lower East Side pilot program for bag sharing
09 Get 25 people to adopt plastic-free dental care
10 Host a zero-waste meetup for 15 people
11 Create a WOP kit with containers for liquid / food / utensils / washable napkin
12 Collab with local artists to paint water fountains, making them more intriguing and discouraging plastic water bottle consumption
13 Start a focus group for 20 people to find ways to utilize the existing plastic pollution
14 Host a park clean up and waste-free music festival, free of charge if you volunteer to contribute and help clear trash
15 Plant 100 trees around the city to combat climate change created by waste
16 Wheatpaste metrics of plastic waste around the city near cafes and bodegas
17 Host a cleanup at Rockaway beach with 20 participants
18 Get a scuba diving school to educate students on relieving trash from the reefs and ocean floors as they ascend
19 Make a skate demo obstacle course out of discarded plastic to raise visual awareness
20 Have 5 artists collect plastic from around the city and create art installations to place in the open
21 Convince 10 local restaurants to switch to paper bags for delivery
22 Get commitment from 100 dog owners to stop using plastic bags for waste
23 Inspire 50 new people to go vegan or raw vegan
24 Conduct vegan education classes and open discussions
25 Host a waste-free cooking class for 20 people
26 Get Bowery Presents to drop single-use items from their hospitality offerings
27 Get 100 musicians to adopt a waste-free rider
28 Post a “100 points of change” suggestion box in the city
29 Get Orchard Grocery to reduce plastic waste by 75%
30 Host an Inconvenient Truth workshop with Q&A
31 Release a list of waste-free restaurants and food delivery services in all five boroughs

32 Ask 100 influencers to post a digital pledge to go waste-free
33 Host TedX Vegan in NYC
34 Get Essex Market Regal Cinema to go waste-free, becoming the first waste-free theater in America
35 Build one waste-free complex in upstate NY as an example model
36 Distribute a public water fountain map in NYC for free filtered water
37 Host a clothing swap for 50 guests in the LES
38 Create a Lower East Side neighborhood committee of local business owners for positive pro-earth changes
39 Host a harm-free beauty event for 20 women
40 Hand out 50 DIY reusable napkins in NYC
41 Get Detox Market to recycle old packaging and install refill stations
42 Organize a Grand Ave subway stop cleanup
43 Redefine where cleanup trash goes and establish more green options
44 Convert 5 Lower East Side restaurants to straw-free establishments
45 Collect 40 discarded water bottles and refurbish them for redistribution as art objects
46 Develop a published waste-free digital starter kit to help waste-free converts
47 Host a vegan nutrition event for 40 guests
48 Write and distribute the sphere economy manifesto
49 Get the Soho House to stop using all single-use products
50 Host a DIY beauty product event in the LES for 30 guests
51 Write and distribute a digital waste-free pledge for small businesses in NYC
52 Host an Our Planet viewing event with an open dialogue after
53 Get the Bowery Hotel to stop using single-use items
54 Host a meetup with 20 people to share opinions on handling existing plastic in the workplace
55 Visit an Earthship to learn tactics to bring to NYC
56 Develop a new business eco-kit for first-time entrepreneurs
57 Host a Paris Agreement meetup to dissect the US stance
58 Host a United Nations SDG official meetup
59 Start a petition for any complexes or apartments that currently don’t recycle
60 Get Zoku or Swell to host a sustainability pop up with environmental trivia to win reusable water bottles and ice trays
61 Organize a think tank to find ways that plastic littering the beaches can be converted to fuel or infrastructure
62 Host WOP sustainable picnics in parks and on rooftops around NYC
63 Hold classes on how to make your own soap, toothpaste and other things that often come in one-time use containers
64 Design a WOP cart or dolly that people can purchase and take to the store, in place of ordering online (and creating more waste)
65 Host a seasonal clothing swap event to discourage purchasing of new and wasteful clothing
66 Encourage brands that use one-time containers to adopt a “send us the bottle and we’ll refill it for you” process
67 Create a WOP email for people to submit ideas on waste-free living
68 (cont’d from point 67!) Have a gathering at the end of the month in a park with everyone who submitted waste-free living ideas
69 Host a massive city cleanse where volunteers pick up trash around the city
70 Collect 100 plastic bottles and mail them back to the manufacturers
71 Start a GoFundMe to encourage donations for exploring alternative biodegradable materials to replace plastic
72 Petition Nike to adopt a plastic materials recycling program (like Adidas!)
73 Fundraise for students interested in plastic resolution and environmental protection
74 Encourage 20 F&B establishments to provide discounts for BYOB/C (bring your own bowl or cup) instead of using plastic to-go assets
75 Start a donation fund with the goal of researching harm-free solutions that dissolve plastic
76 Create shade stations out of sanitized plastic waste with signage and visuals of plastic pollution metrics
77 Petition Governor’s Ball to be the first NYC waste-free festival
78 Ask the Public Hotel to pilot a waste-free program and profile it in media
79 Write a digital guide to going waste-free in the workplace and distribute it to company founders
80 Ask the MIT innovation lab to share their waste reduction projects with the public
81 Attend a middle school to present the WOP project to the next generation
82 Create a meetup for NYC- based scientists to share their findings with the public on reducing our planet’s plastic 
83 Make SoHo the first ever plastic bag-free shopping neighborhood through petitions and community organization
84 Work with nyc.gov to develop a stats page online for what reducing plastic means to the city
85 Petition NYC to develop a non-plastic metro card
86 Develop “My Mug” pop ups that appear on street corners, offering people free coffee if they bring their own mug 
87 Petition makers of plastic straws to discontinue their business entirely
88 Co-ordinate with NYU’s Environmental Studies program to launch a workplace presentation for start-ups and tech businesses
89 Convert 5 of NYC’s top parties to go waste-free
90 Host a gathering summit for event organizers to learn how to go waste-free
91 Develop a waste-free swag protocol for event organizers and promotional companies
92 Work with NYC to explore options besides the standard plastic garbage bag
93 Screenprint conversation-starting shirts to let people dive into waste-free conversations with new people
94 Host a nature walk upstate with 50 city dwellers, encouraging people to care about their surroundings
95 Create a digital waste-free pledge on the WOP site and get 10,000 sign ups
96 Host a climate change rally in Central Park for action around waste-free living
97 Petition Sweetgreen to go waste-free
98 Develop a sister city network for people outside NYC to adopt 100 points of change in their hometowns too
99 Design a climate warrior tattoo that is downloadable on WOP for a daily commitment to protect the planet
100 Host an SDG party in the Lower East Side to educate people on SDG initiatives
IG—FB—TW [All Coming Soon!]